The Art of Paul Krapf

Welcome to this new website showcasing the exceptional paintings of Paul Krapf. Paul had a wonderful life full of adventure and appreciation of family, his God, and the beautiful world around him. Gifted with talent in projecting his artistic vision onto canvas, he had a prolific career spanning several decades.

His works are all original and those you see here are some of the finest examples. Paul is no longer with us, but his legacy of creativity lives on.

Enjoy your visit and if you like what you see, please leave us a message!

Thank you, The Krapf Family

3 Replies to “The Art of Paul Krapf”

  1. We got to meet him and visit his home years ago. Fantastic talent and knew lots about art business. We bought an original and enjoy it daily.

  2. Paul Krapf was my second cousin. My mother, Ellen Spear Fisher was his cousin. Although I only ever met Paul once when I was very little, I was a regular visitor to the home of his mother and father and sister Virginia. My mother always spoke of Paul and was very proud of him. One of her prized possessions was was an early oil painting that he did and gave to her. It hung in our living room until the death of my father. Now the painting is in my possession and is hanging in my dining room. I am also in possession of a limited edition plate that he did entitled ‘The Grizzly Bear”. It also hangs in my dining room.

    I very much enjoy looking at the wotk of this very talented American artist.

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